Theater Memory Stones

Theater Memory Stones Image.

Every stone I collect is done so with care and thought. Not just for appearance, but for the meaning of the time and the place from which they were collected.

These two stones have called out to me all summer. I first spied the lighter one near the base of the outdoor stage during the production of The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby, and I was tempted to snatch it up right away. I could tell on sight it was one of those perfect "worry stones", just right, with a natural hollow to rest your thumb. But I resisted. I didn't even pick it up to examine it, I left it where it lay, making a point of seeking it out each performance. It became my touchstone and centering point. I made a mental note to pick it up after the show was completed, hoping it would absorb and carry with it the vibrant, positive, loving energy from our close knit cast and crew. I spied the second stone outside the stage door, and again its shape and potential called to me. That too I left to draw on the optimism, camaraderie, good cheer, and determination our folks exuded upon entering the theater each day. When Kooshog closed I was swept up in the moments of strike and exhaustion and in my final departure that last night forgot to collect my touchstones.

When I was cast in The Dixie Swim Club there they were again. The stage door stone still nestled amongst the grass, and the first stone still in it's place; only now, due to the stage being expanded, it was backstage, right at the bottom of the step leading to the main door our entire cast used throughout the show. Serendipity. Again I was briefly tempted to pick it up then and there, to ensure it was not forgotten again. But I resisted. And once more both stones served as touchpoints taking in the range of emotions. Love, comfort, anticipation, and joy.

When I collected them at the end of the day of our final performance, they were still warm from the sun and memories contained within.

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