February - Inspiration

The thing about Winter is, it reaches a point where it feels like every day and every thing is grey and lifeless and we’ll never be warm again. The sky, the earth, the trees, your spirit. Yes, Winter can be a time of cozy contemplation and inner growth, but life grows stagnant if left in the dark too long. And it becomes so hard to imagine you’ll ever feel warmth from the sun and color in the world once more.

It’s not for nothing that so many express that February feels like the longest month. Part of the work we do in cleansing our spirits is to look towards why we bother doing it even in the darkest seeming days. It’s in preparation, anticipation of the Spring that beckons us from the scarlet breast of the robin, calling from the barren branches of Winter, ceding it’s hold upon the world.

Depression can consume our spirits, in these darker times of the year, and in painful events in our lives. While it is not the cure, finding those beacons of anticipation and hope for the cycle beyond can lend strength to our motivation to keep moving forward. So seek out those signs that the land, and our hearts, will not remain locked within ice and snow and sunless days forever.


No matter how long the Winter, Spring always returns image.Click to view Collection.


When Jenny Lawson's new book Broken (In The Best Possible Way) came out last year I fell in love with this person all over again. She speaks so openly about anxiety and depression and finding a way through it, usually in the most ridiculous laughter inducing way possible. Her book actually induces laugh out loud moments right along side choking up in commiseration and emotionally tender moments.

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