February - Month of Purification

February is the last month of meteorological winter. A time for purification as we prepare for the coming of spring and to realign our intentions to help attain our goals for the new year.

Ritual purification of the body is expressed in several ways in many of the worlds religions but all use water in some form of washing or ablution: Baptism by Christians; bathing in the Ganges by Hindus; the use of an ablution pool or mikvah by Jews; hand and face washing by those of the Baháʼí Faith, Buddhism and Islam: American Indigenous people's use of the sweat lodge. Water as vehicle to wash away uncleanliness both of the physical body but also of the mind.

The earth also goes through a cycle of cleaning at this time of year. For those in the northern latitudes, snow falls and covers the dormant plants and earth. When spring comes, the snow melts and washes the land anew. Followed by the rains in March and April.

February can be seen as the beginning of this ritual, a time to start by cleansing the mind first. Through purging of negativity and destructive behaviors, re-focusing of the mind toward the future, and replenishing our energy wells for the coming year. There are many tools from different faiths and disciplines to draw from. Some that we use are journaling/writing, meditation, exercise, and divination. Later this month we will focus on meditation as a powerful tool to focus the mind and cleanse the spirit.


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