May - Planting the Seeds of Success

May is the last month of spring, the perfect time to plant seeds for the future. Named for the Greek goddess Maia, who is linked to the Roman fertility goddess Bona Dea, it is the moment of transition from the contemplation and visualization of change to sowing the seeds into the world to make that change happen.

In January we reflected on the past year but with one eye to the future, contemplating what changes we wanted to make in the new year. February we tapped into the power of the universe, purged our mind of negative thoughts and recharged our internal energy source. March we cleansed our physical spaces of unwanted clutter letting our energies flow freely to allow change to enter into our lives. April we committed to our new goals with visualization meditations which restructured our thought patterns to help unleash our talents.

Now May is upon us and with it the need to interact with the physical world. Up until now, you may not have shared with anyone else the dreams and goals you have for yourself but that must change. If we are going to realize our goals we must go into the world and interact with it. Connecting with others, networking, laying new groundwork, spreading the word of what you want to happen.

Making changes to ourselves, to our lives, can be very scary both to ourselves and to those around us. Many people feel trapped in a life they never really chose for themselves, doing what everyone else is doing because it is expected, because it is easier. And any attempt to change what others think you should be, what they think you are, can be very upsetting to them.

Growth can only come with risk and the greater the growth the greater the risk. Real friends will applaud your changes. The others, the ones holding you down like concrete around your feet, they need to go. Not because you push them away, but because you are growing away from them. Because they are incapable of seeing you for anybody else except the persona they constructed for you.

Be brave, be honest, be your true self and the people who really love you will not feel the need to lead or to follow but will be right beside you cheering you on to new horizons. Seize this moment to break free of the old habits, the old patterns of thinking and bravely go forward into the new life that you have, up until now, only just imagined.


Mayapple emerging image.


Turning our conventional understanding of power on its head, world-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader, and national bestselling author Thich Nhat Hanh reveals how true power comes from within. What we seek, we already have.

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