Lesbian Pride Flag 5 Stripes | Magnet | 1in

Lesbian Pride Flag 5 Stripes | Magnet | 1in

Metz & Matteo
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Show your Lesbian Pride and support with this fantastic 1 inch magnet! Stick it to your fridge, locker or anything metal. Made with industrial strength ceramic magnet so it will hold the heaviest of items. Also available in a spiffy 1 inch Pinback Button.

Metz & Matteo LLC will donate 10% of all profits ($1 per Magnet or Pinback Button) from merchandise purchased from our Pride Collection to the Three Rivers, Michigan Pride Celebration! The first annual event will be June 24th, 2023. Get your pride on and help support the first ever pride event in our small town. You can also donate directly to the Three Rivers Pride GoFundMe page.

"Various lesbian flags have been used to symbolise the lesbian community. Since 1999, many designs have been proposed and used. Although personal preferences exist, as well as various controversies, no design has been widely accepted by the community as the lesbian flag.

The "orange-pink" lesbian flag, modeled after the seven-band pink flag, was introduced on Tumblr by blogger Emily Gwen in 2018. The colors include dark orange for "gender non-conformity", orange for "independence", light orange for "community", white for "unique relationships to womanhood", pink for "serenity and peace", dusty pink for "love and sex", and dark rose for "femininity". A five-stripes version was soon derived from the 2018 colors." en.wikipedia.org

  • Metal button 1 inch (25.4 mm)
  • Acid free paper
  • Mylar cover
  • Industrial Ceramic Magnet

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