Celebrating the glory of Mother Nature.

Ornamental Pear Tree fall colors image.

This has been a very long and trying year for many of us, and it still isn't over. Some of us have lost our jobs, our businesses, our homes, our loved ones. It is easy to lose hope when surrounded by darkness but Mother Nature is teaching us, right now, that there is light glowing all around us.

There is a magnificent ornamental pear tree in our front yard. It is tall, healthy, and holds onto it's leaves later than most other species. This autumn has been a spectacular color show due to all the conditions being just right and the weather across much of the middle to eastern United States has been unseasonably warm the past several days. This tree is just a blaze of color and with the warm, sunny, and clear weather, just looks amazing.

I went to go for a run today and had to stop, grab my camera, and take some photos. To just look up and soak in the sun and the brilliant golden display. To stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

This tree is a reminder for us all to take a moment. Turn off all of your screens and devices. Go outside and allow yourself to see something for the very first time that perhaps you usually walk by everyday. To really look and just experience the wonder of what it is to be living on this utterly amazing planet. Nature is a far superior entertainer than anything humans can come up with, I promise.

Seize this opportunity to recharge for those long, dark, cold days that are coming. To hold onto this moment, this feeling to get you through those tough times. Nothing is all bad or all good but occasionally the wondrous revels itself to us so pause and just take...it...all...in! ~ Matteo

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