April - Inspiration

I hope you are well, I hope I get this job, I hope you are happy, I hope I hope I hope. So many times this word speaks our wishes and desires, for ourselves, for others. For some it can be a near obscenity though, having struggled in pain or darkness for so long that any wishes of change are avoided for fear of being disappointed once more.

Take a spring flower breaking through the earth from a bulb or seed - despite it seeming otherwise, this blooming doesn’t happen overnight. Inch by inch, day by day, from that first stemming from seed or bulb, that seedling pushed and pulled its way to the surface. Any obstacles in the path as it climbs through the dark soil, it changes course to go around them, or it pushes through, it joins forces with other seedlings and it breaks apart the things holding it from its goals of sunlight and warming spring rains and air.

It’s exhausting to fight against obstacles before you. You can feel your goals on the other side. Take your time, grow, change course, climb over or under, or through, pull together with others and help each other along. Take this time to give yourself permission to hope that the changes you make along the way will help you achieve your goals.


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Jenny Lawson speaks so openly about anxiety and depression and finding a way through it, usually in the most ridiculous laughter inducing way possible. Her book actually induces laugh out loud moments right along side choking up in commiseration and emotionally tender moments.

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